Other Galleries

Browse through the mezuzah galleries and find the perfect glass mezuzah for you. Explore the range of styles, patterns, and colors that makes this collection so unique.

  • Sample Designs – examples of mezuzot designs that the artist can closely replicate (colors may differ based on availability)
  • Showcase Mezuzahs – one-of-a-kind mezuzot that demonstrate the artist’s expertise and style (cannot be replicated)
  • Menorah Collection – menorah (hanukkiah) designs, several available for purchase
  • Glass Pendants – eye-catching pendants perfect for adding some color or dressing up an outfit 
  • Trays and Dishes - small decorative trays
  • Other Work – pieces that the artist has created outside of the mezuzah collection

To browse mezuzah cases available for purchase online, please visit the Mezuzahs for Sale gallery.